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Director of Research and Evaluation, NNPHI:

The National Network of Public Health Institutes (NNPHI) is seeking an experienced and entrepreneurial professional to serve as its first Director of Research and Evaluation. The Director will collaborate with staff and leaders throughout the network to develop and advance a research agenda that aligns with the organization's mission. The successful candidate will cultivate and sustain resources to achieve the research and evaluation priorities of the network. Additionally, the Director will be responsible for assuring scientific integrity, rigor, and quality of all research and evaluation activities sponsored by NNPHI. This position will be based in either NNPHI's New Orleans or Washington, DC offices. Applicants should indicate preference of location in their application documentation. This position requires frequent travel of approximately 20%.

Please direct all inquiries to:

LaShandra Ellis

Office Administrator

National Network of Public Health Institutes



Main: 1.888.996.6744

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