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Methods for Transdisciplinary Research: A Primer for Practice

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Bergmann M, Jahn T, Knobloch T, Krohn W, Pohl C, Schramm E. Methods for Transdisciplinary Research: A Primer for Practice. 1st ed. Frankfurt, Germany: Campus Verlag; 2012.

Transdisciplinarity is an approach for research on the complex real-world problems our societies are facing. During the research process new knowledge is produced by integrating different problem perceptions and knowledge bases from sciences and societal practice; the aim is to contribute to both societal and scientific progress. The authors systematically describe scholarly methods for the task of knowledge integration in transdisciplinary research and provide examples from research practice. This book supports scholars in the conceptualization and execution of transdisciplinary research projects and is of high relevance for teaching.

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transdisciplinarity, transdisciplinary research, teaching

Addresses these goal(s):

  • Learn about the field of team science: history, theory and concepts
  • Provide training for team science to team members or students
  • Conduct research on/evaluate team science

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