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UNC School of Medicine Tenure and Promotion Policy

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The University of North Carolina Medical School's Tenure and Promotion policy explicitly recognizes team science, particularly interdisciplinary team science. An excerpt from the policy: "While the evaluation of accomplishments in research, clinical scholarship, and educational scholarship has traditionally focused on a faculty member’s individual achievements (e.g., first and senior authorships, funding as the principal investigator on grant awards, invitations to make presentations on national or international forums, etc.), it has become increasingly clear that the present and future of biomedical science is placing more and more emphasis on interdisciplinary team activities. Therefore, when relevant, a faculty member’s contributions to interdisciplinary teamwork will be given careful consideration. Factors such as originality, creativity, indispensability, and unique abilities will be considered when making this evaluation. The candidate is expected to include in the promotion packet a description of his/her role in the overall activities of the team. The departmental review process will include a solicitation of information regarding the candidate from the director of the project, the principal investigator, as well as any others who have first-hand knowledge that would clarify the candidate’s role in the overall team effort. Finally, the Chair's letter must spell out such collaboration(s) in considerable detail, especially if interdisciplinary team activities are felt to be an important aspect of the case being made for the specific promotion. "

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