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Author(s) unknown Metrics for insight into scientific software ecosystems
Software is increasingly important to the scientific enterprise and science funding agencies are increasingly funding software work. Accordingly many different participants need insight into how to un…
Other -- 10/8/2014 External link to resource
Howison, J, et al. Incentives and integration in scientific software production
Science policy makers are looking for approaches to increase the extent of collaboration in the production of scientific software, looking to open collaborations in open source software for inspiratio…
Oral 2013 10/8/2014 External link to resource View this resource on D O I
Author(s) unknown Scientific software production: incentives and collaboration
Software plays an increasingly critical role in science, including data analysis, simulations, and managing workflows. Unlike other technologies supporting science, software can be copied and distribu…
Oral 2011 10/8/2014 External link to resource
Howison, J, et al. Collaboration through open superposition: A theory of the open source way
This paper develops and illustrates the theory of collaboration through open superposition: the process of depositing motivationally independent layers of work on top of each other over time. The theo…
Article 2014 10/8/2014 External link to resource
Berente, N, et al. Virtual Organizations as Sociotechnical Systems: Exploring How Organization Scientists and Virtual Organization Leaders Can Collaborate
This report describes the results of a workshop held in Cleveland, Ohio in May of 2012 that brought organization scientists together with Virtual Organization (VO) leaders to address the challenges fa…
Report 2013 10/8/2014 External link to resource

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