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Kueffer, Cristoph, et al. Towards a Publication Culture in Transdisciplinary Research
Over the past few decades, many researchers have concluded that adequately addressing issues in the knowledge society requires a major transformation of research, away from disengaged disciplines towa…
Article 2007 2/6/2015 External link to resource
Pohl, Christian Transdisciplinary collaboration in environmental research
One aim of transdisciplinary research is to get natural and social scientists to collaborate, so as to achieve an integrated view of a subject that goes beyond the viewpoints offered by any particular…
Article 2005 2/6/2015 External link to resource
Pohl, Christian From Transdisciplinarity to Transdisciplinary Research
Scholars promote various definitions and concepts of transdisciplinarity in the current dialogue. The concepts can be described as alternative combinations of four characteristic features of transdi…
Article 2010 2/6/2015 External link to resource
Hadorn, Gertrude, et al. The Emergence of Transdisciplinarity as a Form of Research
The birth of science is based on a strict dissociation of scientific knowledge from the various aspects of practical knowledge. The ideal of scientific knowledge as it was shaped in antiquity is sti…
Chapter 2008 2/6/2015 External link to resource
Pohl, Christian, et al. Methodological challenges of transdisciplinary research
Transdisciplinary research (TR) develops descriptive, normative and practice-oriented knowledge in order to help solve, mitigate or prevent life-world problems. TR deals with problem fields in such a …
Article 2008 10/9/2014
Pohl, Christian From science to policy through transdisciplinary research
Is transdisciplinary research a useful means of bridging science and policy? And does transdisciplinarity go beyond informing public agencies, the private sector, or civil society of the results of re…
Article 2008 9/2/2014 External link to resource View this resource on D O I
Hirsch Hadorn, Gertrude, et al. Implications of Transdisciplinarity for Sustainability Research
In ecological economics the terms sustainable development and transdisciplinarity are closely related. It is shown that this close relation is due to the fact that research for sustainable development…
Article 2006 7/29/2014 External link to resource View this resource on D O I
Pohl, Christian, et al. Researchers' roles in knowledge co-production: experience from sustainability research in Kenya, Switzerland, Bolivia and Nepal
Co-production of knowledge between academic and non-academic communities is a prerequisite for research aiming at more sustainable development paths. Sustainability researchers face three challenges i…
Article 2010 7/22/2014 External link to resource View this resource on D O I

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