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The Accelerated Discovery Lab at IBM Research - Almaden opening for a Summer Intern

The Accelerated Discovery Lab at IBM Research - Almaden has an opening for a Summer Intern.  The focus of the research is the use of qualitative and quantitative data to gain insight into team interaction and project patterns to then proactively support individual and team work.  We apply in-depth analysis of structured and unstructured digital trace data, information sharing, and work practices to explore the temporal and interactional evolution of research and discovery practices.
Candidates must possess in-depth problem solving skills with an ability to analyze work and business practices from both micro and macro perspectives, as well as the ability to identify and prototype new solutions.  Preference will be given to those with experience researching and analyzing scientific communication, collaboration, and information sharing.  Highly desirable skills include network analysis, basic programming, rapid prototyping, ethnographic methods, and experience with one or more aspects of data handling (curation, wrangling, mining, analysis, or visualization).  One or more publications is expected from the internship work.


  • Programming: basic knowledge
  • Statistical analysis (e.g., using R, SPSS): 1 year
  • Network analysis (e.g., using Gephi): 1 year
  • Lexical analysis (e.g., using Leximancer, System T): 1 year
  • Altmetrics (e.g., citation impact metrics, scientometrics): 6 months


  • Python: applied knowledge
  • Social phenomena analysis: applied

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Laura Challman Anderson

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