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Enhancing Communication & Collaboration in Interdisciplinary Research

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O'Rourke M, Crowley S, Eigenbrode S, Wulfhorst J, eds. Enhancing Communication & Collaboration in Interdisciplinary Research. 1st ed. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, Inc.; 2013.

Enhancing Communication & Collaboration in Interdisciplinary Research, edited by Michael O'Rourke, Stephen Crowley, Sanford D. Eigenbrode, and J. D. Wulfhorst, is a volume of previously unpublished, state-of-the-art chapters on interdisciplinary communication and collaboration written by leading figures and promising junior scholars in the world of interdisciplinary research, education, and administration. Designed to inform both teaching and research, this innovative book covers the spectrum of interdisciplinary activity, offering a timely emphasis on collaborative interdisciplinary work. The book’s four main parts focus on theoretical perspectives, case studies, communication tools, and institutional perspectives, while a final chapter ties together the various strands that emerge in the book and defines trend-lines and future research questions for those conducting work on interdisciplinary communication.

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Type of Publication:

Edited book


interdisciplinarity, teaching, research, communication, collaboration

Addresses these goal(s):

  • Learn about the field of team science: history, theory and concepts
  • Enhance team performance, interactions, and attitudes
  • Provide institutional support for team science
  • Conduct research on/evaluate team science

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