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Towards a Publication Culture in Transdisciplinary Research

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Kueffer C, Hadorn G, Bammer, G, van Kerkhoff L, Pohl C. Towards a Publication Culture in Transdisciplinary Research. GAIA. 2007;16(1):22-26.

Over the past few decades, many researchers have concluded that adequately addressing issues in the knowledge society requires a major transformation of research, away from disengaged disciplines toward socially engaged, transdisciplinary approaches. To date, knowledge exchange between transdisciplinarity researchers via academic publications has been modest. Developing a common strategy about which journals are appropriate for publishing different insights from transdisciplinary research is a task for scholars and journal editors to undertake jointly. Publishing transdisciplinary research requires both an extension and a transformation of classical scientific publishing.

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Journal article


transdisciplinary research, knowledge society

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  • Conduct research on/evaluate team science

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