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Team science in agriculture: Perspectives on the Ohio State University agricultural experiment station’s SEEDS competitive grant program

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Aldridge J, Smith K, Cochran G. Team science in agriculture: Perspectives on the Ohio State University agricultural experiment station’s SEEDS competitive grant program. Oral presentation at 2017 SciTS Conference. Clearwater Beach, FL. Jun 14, 2017. Approaches To Foster New Innovative Collaborations. Online at:

The Ohio State University’s agriculture experiment station, the OARDC, is the largest public and privately funded research organization in Ohio and the largest agbioscience research facility in the U.S. Agbioscience integrates scientific disciplines to focus on finding solutions to societal problems including food security, safety and health, environmental sustainability, and bio-based energy. The goal of SEEDS: The OARDC Competitive Grants Program is to encourage new research in agbioscience. SEEDS scientists work closely with researchers in 6 other OSU colleges plus OSU Extension. To date, there has been little measurement of the scientific productivity of the research output resulting from SEEDS grant funding. The purpose of this study is to investigate the level of scientific productivity of the SEEDS grant program by bibliometric analysis. Objectives include: 1. calculate the h-index 2. calculate the average citations per item 3. compare the productivity of the grant with US universities and agricultural science programs 4. examine the productivity of the grant’s subcategories Scientific productivity can be measured through bibliometric analysis in any field that produces publications. The basic idea of bibliometrics is to evaluate the attention publications receive within the scientific community by counting formal citations in the literature. Citation reports were generated using Thomson Reuter’s Web of Science (WoS). SEEDS output in WoS includes papers, conference proceedings, book chapters, patents, and doctoral dissertations. Findings include the h-index and average citations per item of the SEEDS program with several of its subcategories above or well above average when compared to agricultural sciences and U.S universities. The research findings will inform OARDC practice and policy decisions regarding SEED’s future. This research contributes to SciTS because it evaluates the outcome of a team science initiative in agbioscience, a discipline underrepresented in the field.



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Oral presentation


scits 2017 conference, presentation, agriculture, SEEDS

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  • Learn about the field of team science: history, theory and concepts
  • Conduct research on/evaluate team science

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