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Enhancing Integrative Capability among Team Science Participants

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Salazar M, Lant T. Enhancing Integrative Capability among Team Science Participants. Oral presentation at 2017 SciTS Conference. Clearwater Beach, FL. Jun 14, 2017. Dialogue Approaches To Build Bridges Across Disciplines And Perspectives. Online at:

Prior research suggests that interdisciplinary teams that develop an integrative capacity, a capability that is sustained through an interactive system linking social, psychological, and cognitive processes, will be more likely to achieve their goals of knowledge integration and innovation. Cognitive and social integration among team members is a precursor to developing an integrative capacity. Thus, they are indicators of collaboration readiness. In this National Science Foundation supported study, we test the impact of communication training on cognitive and social integrative behaviors of team members. Establishing the effectiveness of training on behaviors that facilitate integration is the first step in improving the conditions for success for interdisciplinary teams. Respondents were individuals currently engaged in interdisciplinary science teams within seven major medical centers around the US. We use a pre-post design to test the impact of training. Team members completed surveys comprised of scales developed to assess cognitive and social integration behaviors, which have been demonstrated to have good psychometric properties. We test for differences pre and post training, comparing individuals who received communication training to those who did not. Our results suggest that the participants in the team science communication training showed significant improvement in terms of their propensity to suggest new ideas and to engage in team reflexivity. Thus, the presentation of this research advances the science of team science by investigating a means of enhancing the collaboration readiness of individual scientists. If training increases the demonstration of cognitive and social integrative behaviors, teams will be more likely to develop an integrative capacity that will help them achieve their goals of knowledge integration and innovation.



Type of Publication:

Oral presentation


scits 2017 conference, presentation, participants, integrative, capability

Addresses these goal(s):

  • Establish or maintain effective team science endeavors
  • Enhance team performance, interactions, and attitudes
  • Conduct research on/evaluate team science

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