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Stage Models for Collaboration, Levels of Collaboration Survey and Collaboration Map; Measuring Collaboration Among Grant Partners

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Collaboration is a prerequisite for the sustainability of interagency programs, particularly those programs initially created with the support of time-limited grant-funding sources. From the perspective of evaluators, however, assessing collaboration among grant partners is often difficult. It is also challenging to present collaboration data to stakeholders in a way that is meaningful. In this article, the authors introduce the Levels of Collaboration Scale, which was developed from existing models and instruments. The authors extend prior work on measuring collaboration by exploring the reliability of the scale and developing a format for visually displaying the results obtained from using the scale.

Bruce B. Frey

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Other - Measuring Collaboration

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  • Provide institutional support for team science

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  • levels of collaboration

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Measuring, Collaboration, Grant Partners, Visual Displays, Stage Models

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