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Interdisciplinary Hiring, Tenure, and Promotion: Guidance for Individuals and Institutions

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Traditional scholarly evaluation, reward, and promotion systems tend favor disciplinary and sub-disciplinary research expertise and experience over interdisciplinary successes. At the same time many important research questions require integration of multiple perspectives. Recognizing the need to develop better means of handling faculty and researchers who do not fit standard disciplinary and departmental criteria, some institutions are putting in place new guidelines for hiring, and sometimes for reviewing, interdisciplinary scholars. However, few have developed a comprehensive approach that deals with the entire pre- and post-tenure experience. To address issues faced by interdisciplinary faculty and research scientists, the Interdisciplinary Tenure and Career Development Committee of the Council of Environmental Deans and Directors, has developed "Interdisciplinary Hiring, Tenure and Promotion: Guidance for Individuals and Institutions." The guidance is targeted towards both individuals and academic administrators with the goal of facilitating the development and advancement of interdisciplinary scholars over the course of their careers, and promoting a dialogue about structural issues and options.

Council of Environmental Deans and Directors (CEDD)

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  • Provide institutional support for team science


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