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Syllabus: Team Science Graduate Course

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Health, technology, social, and environmental problems impacting our world are complex and we are increasingly able to address them through collaborative scientific pursuit. This type of scientific challenge necessitates cross-disciplinary engagement and a high level of collaboration—team science. This course offers practical guidance about how best to engage in team science: to pursue complex science questions, to work effectively with team members, and produce high impact research outcomes that help meet society’s needs.

Holly Falk-Krzesinski, PhD, Director, Research Team Support & Development, Northwestern University

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team science, interdiscioplinary research, teams, training, graduaet education, professional development

Addresses these goal(s):

  • Learn about the field of team science: history, theory and concepts
  • Establish or maintain effective team science endeavors
  • Enhance team performance, interactions, and attitudes
  • Provide training for team science to team members or students


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Resource created by Holly Falk-Krzesinski, PhD on 5/17/2011 12:07:40 PM.

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